Well, I thought that I might be one of the better people to answer that question, so I’ll have a go.

I’m a student nurse and I enjoy going out with St. John Ambulance as a volunteer at First Aid Duties which keeps me busy.

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I was born in Brighton on the 24th January 1978 (making me 27 at last count) and since that time have grown rather a lot. Don't worry—there are no baby pictures of me lurking around.

There are some out of date photos of things in my life on this page. For a quick picture of me, try this one—from a keyboard’s point of view.

I listen to a very wide selection of music and love the whole cinema experience (the big screen, that is, rather than overpriced sweets and snacks). I go to see lots of films when I can.

You may (or may not) be pleased to know that this area also has subpages to give you more of an idea of what I’m about. Have a look on the navigational bar on the left for more options.

Oh yes, and according to something known as Janet Evelyn’s Dairy I seem to like organic strawberry yoghurt - but that’s another story... (and one alleged to involve nubile Exeter (College, Oxford) undergraduates).

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