Or, where have all the cowboys gone?

This is an outline of what I have done with this website

2006 2005 2004 2002 2001 2000 1999

So, in reverse order of appearance:


Jack has arrived—a seven-year old cat. Put up the extra NJ206 guidance.


Read that zip 2.32 had been released today. Compiled it, tested it and put it on the csa page. Keeping 2.31 around and putting StubsG-linked and non-StubsG-linked versions of 2.32 up.


Tidied the csa page—removed local links to ZapFonts and updated Zipper link post-argonet.


Factored the CSS for the site using James Bursa's Factor CSS. I have also included a link to my cohort's timetables at the University of Brighton.


May, July, whatever. I want to move towards a little and often method of working on this site. I will get up-to-date Vim on RISC OS up and resurrect the films pages. Newer picture of me.


Added the StubsG-linked version of zip 2.31 to the site. I have found no issues with it. I have been playing a bit with Vim again and I will do some more with it in May once the Common Foundation Programme is over. Pointing to the FAQs a bit more now.


I’ve added a bit to the FAQs and macrofied them somewhat. I need to keep the list items from landing in the navigation bar but I’m fairly happy with how they are progressing.

I hadn’t kept a backup of the CVS repository for the site and blatted it when I set up cvsync to keep my OpenBSD box’s sources up-to-date. I moved all my cvs to /cvs and my web-related stuff got eaten during the update. I really should have copied rather than moved the repository. Oh well. I’ve re-imported the current state and have now backed up the new repository. The re-import means all the revision numbers have been reset so all the Updated at times will be wrong on the bottom of the pages. I now need to be more careful about which files I sftp to the live site.

It hasn’t been all that long since I corrected the updated to show the time of the source file. Perhaps I’ll restamp them with the original times again. Maybe not.

Tried again to compile the Info-ZIP stuff with GCC + StubsG. Turns out that zip 2.31 does compile and link perfectly but unzip 5.52 definitely does not link happily. It appears that StubsG only contains __errno as a symbol rather than errno too. I’ll give zip 2.31 with StubsG some more testing and put it up. I have also reorganized the csa page a little anyway.

Of course, SharedUnixLibrary is back to being only available via the GCCSDK site rather than the Unix porting pages. 1.05, anyway.


Started work on messenger-l and iyonix-support FAQs. Began writing a program with the proper ROMPatch method, based on !!!LoadSCL by Annon (sic) & Co. Finally added a margin to the Nav CSS and corrected a typo in my Makefile which affected the CompSoc placeholder.


Updated link to Shared Unix Library after Peter Naulls reorganized www.riscos.info.


Added more info to the CompSoc placeholder and made it a single file with appropriate symlinks for the expected pages. Playing with Vim 6.3.x and Vim 7. ZapRedraw 0.46 around too, as of 2005-01-05.

Tidying up the old photo pages. Added andy-l to public key.


Added in locations of Zipper, Infozip front end and ZipEE. Corrected link to Shared Unix Library after Peter Naulls moved it from his Unix Porting Project pages. Now only available via ftp. Ended up reusing ox.compsoc.net as a temporary home for the latest ZapFonts due to its size until there is a proper release of it. I shall have to bump up my webspace amount for next year.

Updated DIY Iyonix page on and off during December, and tweaked it more once Drobe did a feature.


A message on the Iyonix-Support mailing-list made me slightly revive a dormant idea about Iyonix ROMPatches. Dug around a bit and turned my Filer delete to red. This spurred me on to tidy up the ROMPatch page.

Earlier today a message on the Archive-On-Line list prompted a search on Google to discover that the compsoc.net location was picked up by search engines ahead of this location. I then replaced the Compsoc site with placeholders, including an image of the stack of the old Southwick B power station taken on the day before it was demolished. There is a shiny new power station there now.

Oh well, the Christmas shopping I would have done today can wait for a bit longer.


I see that Castle are running the DIY Iyonix scheme again around the Midlands Show. Quick additions to the page I’d started.

Really should update the films bits and give a good tidy up to everything else.


Added a symlink so it doesn’t matter if people forget to use a capital letter at the start of his name.


Julie (my oldest sister) gave birth to Jonathan Daniel Kinross at 0012 this morning. Visited this evening, took some photos with my P800 and put them up for family, friends and relatives. Gallery produced with WebGen2 in a rush.


Slight change of plan from 4 September: I recompiled and fixed up Vim 5.8.9 for the latest GCCSDK. Also picked up the latest patch version of Vim (6.3.031) and compiled it up with very minor changes, submitting these to Bram (and a less braindead Makefile) to make 6.3.033. Have not updated runtime files so not released although I do have a working version using the 6.1 runtime files.

Continued working on the changes to the site.


Read the documentation and discovered that I can include the time a file was updated rather than just the time it was processed. This should make the update times less misleading. Rationalized the Makefile I was using as I am using a more sensible (less braindead) make.


I’ve decided to move all the source files on to my OpenBSD box with HSC 0.935 and a later version of tidy. This HSC understands some XHTML so I should be able to move over to writing in XHTML to start with. This was my original intention when I first bumped into hsc but I did not have the energy to convert the hsc-401/prefs file. I used HTMLtidy to create the XHTML.

I am mostly trying to get to grips with CSS. The question is how well browsers cope with it.


So much for keeping things up to date. I had been caught up with work. All the date stamps have been changed again as I’ve started using CVS rather than RCS as I now have a DIY Iyonix and no 32-bit RCS. As Stefan Bellon has compiled up a 32-bit HSC I should be able to keep with that for the time being.

I have given up updating Vim for RISC OS as I do not use it enough and I no longer have the time or inclination. Everything I did is in the Vim CVS and any version for RISC OS would probably need to be updated for the current GCCSDK. The GCCSDK has made things much easier to port Unix programs so many RISC OS-specific parts of the Vim sources may no longer be required.


Updated more of the pages—I think all the pages now use the new style but some tweaks are still required (and I think I’m going to redo the macros for the film pages as they are currently a bit too restrictive).

Played a little with Vim 6.1 (upgrading all the machines to have it too). Something seems to have gone wrong with the help side of things and the termcap may be slightly broken. I also need to ship a vimrc that I actually like.


Began altering the layout and appearance of the pages, using more macros in hsc. There are a few pages (notably the photos pages which I need to redo anyway) that look a little odd at the moment but they’ll be sorted out in due course.


Moved the pages over to pepperfish.net where they’re now being served by Zeus. I will soon sort out the Vim release, update the films and the like.


Figured out what had changed from 5.8 so I could get the GUI version of 6.1 building. Submitted changes to Bram so they should be in the CVS of 6.1b.


Films updated slightly, a few changes to Vim's distribution, uploaded the updated ajw.html, made it possible for people to download the ctags zip. Corrections to the riscos.html links.


It appears that I have become particularly adept at creating dead links, either through unpacking tars into the parent directory of the one I intended (like system.zip), uses slashes instead of dots (I thought hsc should’ve warned me of these, like certain detached signatures). Also by removing old pages without either altering pages that link to them or by not uploading the altered pages. At least I have detailed web logs to tell me when things go wrong.
At least I’m now keeping up to date with Vim via CVS and the GCC SDK on my OpenBSD box. I seem to be doing a few little updates to Vim at the moment so that I should be able to send to changes to Bram.


Oh dear. It’s been rather a while again. I’ve been too busy going to see films and live music. I was also waiting until I’d tidied the runtime films for Vim 5.8 so that it was releasable. Then I was trying to convince version 6 to compile up.


Finally added the filesizes for all the downloads from this site as people need to be informed of these things. Minor corrections and tidying here and there. Stopped explicitly setting table bgcolor to transparent which should stop Browse displaying weird effects. Updated the search page so that it might actually once again be useful. I’m also gradually learning about the various configuration files HSC uses and how these relate to the W3C’s specifications for tags and entities.


Slowly moved towards the newer look, using a bit of tabling and losing the sky background for newly generated pages. Sorted out a preliminary version of the vim page to distribute the latest RISC OS port of it. Ended up converting a number of older pages to the newer style not that it means I’ll be updating them particularly. Replaced my old front page logo with Kirsty.


The FakeFreeSpace module seems to be causing arguments on the Oregano list, so I’ve put it on the csa page - the fully corrected version. I then changed both the page and the !Help file for the module a number of times and eventually noticed a daft mistake elsewhere, which I corrected. Now I know that JFShared is not required after compilation I have put the information back to the way I wanted it originally. I’d meant to get more done than that tonight but that’s the way of things. At least I’m slowly looking less like a hamster after my wisdom teeth were taken out on Monday. Things may even get back to normal soon.


Decided to maintain the site using make which did mean I had to write the makefile by hand as the hsc-autogenerated one doesn’t work too well here.

I seem to have decided (for now) not to remove my front-page logo but have cleaned it up a little.

Ran pngcrush with the brute force setting over my PNG graphics and have also created SNGs of them all. Now I have some kind of textual representation of them but am not sure how this is directly useful.

Continued working on the stylesheet but have also put the body parts back into every page as CSS support isn’t exactly universal. During this process I think I discovered that Browse does bizarre things with tables with transparent backgrounds. I need to update the find page for groups.google.

Decided to upload the work-in-progress rather than waiting until I finish doing various bits. This does mean some pages are currently technically broken but that may give me more of an incentive to work on them more. I've now also created some detached signatures for the archives off the csa’s most wanted page.


Standardised my taglines with an HSC macro. Vaguely wondered what I need to change to allow HSC to accept XHTML-style documents. Supressing error 64 didn't work.


It’s been a while. Now that I've figured out why hsc kept not working, it should be easier to update everything when I want to. I've moved over to using RCS too which is something to play with.


OK. I’m actually going to put the newer version up now. If there are mistakes in the HTML or I’ve broken anything, please tell me. More is planned and some new pages are currently only titled placeholders but I’m starting to get more of an idea of what I want to do and how to achieve it. I’m slowing catching up with my film reviews too despite continuing to see more and more films.


There have been little changes here and there since the last update but I’ve decided the site needs more of a major overhaul. As such quite a lot should be changing - I’m even dumping the old front page logo. I’ve sorted out some CSS for the pages which may even work as intended but I should think it will be a while before I can remove all my deprecated elements in the main HTML.


Acknowledged a few more people’s programs in the creation page now I’ve stopped playing with RISC OS 4 and reorganizing my harddisc.


Started replacing the GIFs stored locally with rather more friendly PNGs.


Updated the films list (as usual) and altered some of my personal page related to Paul Lyne’s move to Boston. Also finally put up the reasonably recent photo of myself. I now have ‘taglines’ at the bottom of each page, too.


Updated the locations for the linux emporium and blackbox sites and put a little more information about my Part II.


Oops, just as I decided to add something to the dictionary pages I discover they’ve gone missing. There should be a backup copy somewhere (so many floppies, so little time...). It’s at moments like these that you remember you were supposed to put the tilde flags for the deja form.


I’ve started to remove the stupid extra ALT=“[Picture]” things that appeared for some reason or other (possibly the RNG got upset with my Zangband characters doing well).

Decided that noframes/frames directories were silly since I didn’t really want to produce a framed version at all.

Began to put together the film and music page in a more useful way.

If there’s a link to something from these pages, either I actually want to use it now or in the future or it looks useful and should be publicised. Less chance of dead links, and more useful for me.

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