This page serves as an acknowledgement to those software authors who have made the creation/generation of these pages that bit easier and perhaps more fun. I put this in the “about me” section because it gives you a little more idea of the what kind of person I am by what software was used to put this collection of pages together. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

OK, it’s really just a page of links accompanied by brief commentary but I can’t currently think of a more appropriate way to present the information here. It’ll do for the time being, unless I have some kind of brainwave. Unlikely, I know, but I live in hope.

If you aren’t using a RISC OS machine then this page is probably of only (at best) academic interest. If you want to find out more about this “RISC OS” then I recommend you take a look at RISCOS Ltd or for general information about the operating system itself. For information concerning hardware on which you will be able to run RISC OS, try Castle Technology. You can now run RISC OS (even Adjust) on MS Windows and soon on Linux, thanks to Virtual Acorn. The A9 from Advantage Six may be worth a look when it comes out in a consumer version.

Now, the software I used:

Browser testing of these pages will be mainly done using Oregano 2 by Oregan Networks and available from Castle/OreganoUK, NetSurf, Opera 7 and Mozilla FireFox on OpenBSD-current, and Mozilla Firefox, K-Meleon and Internet Explorer on MS Windows.

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