...listing locally available files that have been (at some time) searched for by posters to the comp.sys.acorn.* usenet hierarchy

All files here (to the best of my knowledge) are freely distributable in the form you find them. If you know of any valid reasons why any of these files should not be distributed from this site, then please tell me. I will gladly remove them.

They are all stored in zip archives created using the freely available Info-ZIP zip and unzip programs. They were fully tested before uploading and also have GnuPG detached signatures so you can ensure their integrity.

Just run “gpg --verify <foo.zip.asc>” when both the signature and archive (here it would be foo.zip) are in the same directory. The easiest way is to open up a taskwindow (using ctrl-shift-F12) and then type “gpg --verify”, a space, shift-drag the detached signature to the task window then shift-drag the zip file to the task window and press return.


Iyonix compatible

The current release versions of Info-ZIP’s zip and unzip for RISC OS are available here:

They were compiled using the current GCC SDK and support encryption/decryption and the Extended TimeStamp Field. They cope very well with moving C sources to/from other systems, thanks to Unzip$Exts, Zip$Exts and the -/ command-line switch.

There are three desktop front-ends available:


0.45 (2004-12-22) and 0.48 (2005-04-27) were temporarily available from here but I now refer you to the zapfonts.zip archive within the Zap 1.47-beta1 part of the master site. Use this only with versions of Zap later than 2004-11-21 and preferably use a complete build of 1.47-beta1.

This page may grow with demand. I hope it is a useful resource.

NameArchiveDetached signatureDescription
[Download] [Detached signature]
Iyonix compatible
The Info-ZIP zip 2.32 compression executables (released 19 June 2006). 26/32-bit neutral.
[Download] [Detached signature]
Iyonix compatible
The Info-ZIP unzip 5.52 decompression executables (released 28 February 2005).
[Download] [Detached signature] The Legacy_FSControl49Support module, aka FakeFreeSpace, originally written by Justin Fletcher and containing modifications suggested by David Ruck. It is designed to get around software that uses the 32 bit free space call (eg Navaho) and so has problems on drives of more than 2Gb. Not Iyonix compatible.
If the program still has even a chance of being modified by the original author, complain to them. Otherwise, use this patch.
To recompile the module from the source (included) you’ll need JFShared and JFPatch, both used to be available from Justin Fletcher’s software page. JFShared available from Drobe's file archives.
[Download] [Detached signature] Figlet for RISC OS by Paul Corke. Also includes 66 fonts I have accumulated. It makes ASCII banners from text. Not Iyonix compatible.
[Download] [Detached signature] Frank Hertel’s palette utility for RISC OS 3.5 and above (any earlier versions should have a perfectly adequate built-in palette utility, but it may well work for those as well). Not Iyonix compatible.

For Iyonix-compatible software (except zip 2.32, compiled with StubsG), you will need the 32-bit Shared C Library. If you do not have it, visit Castle’s 32-bit support page. If you prefer, you may download a non-StubsG-linked version of zip 2.32 and signature.

A handy search engine for RISC OS software is g0tai (now piemmm)’s AcornSearch (now available via Drobe)

If you don't yet have a way to extract zip files under RISC OS, then the self-extracting version (141K) of the unzip archive may help. Download it, set its filetype to Absolute (&FF8) and then double-click it. This will extract the contents into a 5.52 directory in your CSD. If you want to test this archive (I don't recommend trusting random executable code from the WWW), you’ll want this detached signature although you still need to trust me. The self extracting archive contains only unzip, and not zipinfo (which can be obtained using ‘unzip -Z’) or funzip. This is to cut down on its size and they are available in the full archive.

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