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Vim logoDownload RISC OS Vim (5.8.9) - 1431K (2004-11-20) [] Detached signature

Syntax filesDownload syntax files - 647K (2002-02-13) [] Detached signature

You need to have ZapFonts (80K) [Detached signature] on your system in order to use Vim if you don’t already have it. The version of ZapRedraw supplied is the 32-bit 0.44 although I haven’t yet altered any of the ZapRedraw code within Vim yet. Expect bad things to happen if you change from VIDC to ViewFinder while using the GUI version.

The latest version of ZapRedraw is available from even though the GUI version of Vim should work OK without ZapRedraw, I do recommend you use it. A proper distribution of ZapFonts (rather than the skeleton version shipped here) weighs in at just over one megabyte and can be found on Zap’s site.

You can also download the source archive (908K, 2004-11-20) and associated detached signature for version 5.8 - it will compile with a simple ‘make’ then a ‘make install’ if you have a recent GCC SDK. You will need the binary archive too and you can just drop the freshly compiled Vim into the !Vim directory. I use the GNU make available in the utils archive on the GCC SDK site.

Exuberant Ctags 5.5.4 for RISC OS

From the README: “Exuberant Ctags is a multilanguage reimplementation of the much-underused ctags(1) program and is intended to be the mother of all ctags programs. It generates indexes of source code definitions which are used by a number of editors and tools. The motivation which drove the development of Exuberant Ctags was the need for a ctags program which supported generation of tags for all possible C language constructs (which no other ctags offers), and because most were easily fooled by a number of preprocessor contructs.”

You can now download the RISC OS port (183K, 2004-11-20) of Exuberant Ctags and its associated detached signature. It is released under the GNU GPL (version 2) and the Makefile needed in addition to the main 5.5.4 source release is included.

For more information, see either the Exuberant Ctags website on sourceforge or download the archive and read the documentation inside.

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