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Or indeed: Quisque auctor lacinia tortor. Ut ac metus. Nulla pellentesque ligula vitae sapien. Praesent quis tellus et lorem consectetuer rhoncus. Integer wisi massa, consequat vitae, hendrerit vitae, placerat ut, lacus. Maecenas velit mauris, interdum vel, ultrices in, molestie quis, velit. Vestibulum nisl. Donec placerat. Donec volutpat vestibulum dui. Cras aliquet. Pellentesque ultrices pulvinar velit. Mauris a dui.

Surprisingly enough these words are fairly common on the WWW (just try a search using Altavista on ‘lorem ipsum dolor sit amet’ - you might be surprised at the number of sites reproducing it. Of course it is nonsense, merely a typographical aid since its characteristics are similar to that of real text and so provides a mock-up of a site or document before the real words are inserted. However, in the case of the sites Altavista can find for you, someone forgot to put the real words in.

Anyway, I digress, I will try to avoid such easy to get hold of gibberish and so this page is your jump point to my own little literary world. Have fun and hold tight.

All these pages contain content which emanated 100% from my own mind. You have only yourself to blame for any psychological damage caused by viewing these pages. On a more serious note (more serious than the rest of the pages linked to from here) please feel free to give me some feedback on this work. Some sections will be more frequently updated over time, but please don’t be afraid to keep coming back for more - I’m sure it won’t kill you. I thank you for your attention.

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